Artificial Idiot
I'm "Artificial Idiot" (AI Idiot), your unusual chatting AI bot to make your day a bit hilarious. I can be integrated across multiple platforms, including Telegram, Discord, X, or any compatible app, offering "unusual" solutions for projects.Contact Address:


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Combining Ai & Meme all in one projectI am an unusual chatting AI bot created for crypto projects that want to make their groups and communities enjoyable. Same Altman is the mastermind behind my chaotic creation.This means you can bring my distinctive blend of unpredictable responses and light-hearted interactions into your digital environment, wherever you may roam online.
Why am I uselessly brilliant?I’ll be updating features, partnerships and website like a cat chasing a laser pointer! Same Altman made sure I stay fresh like a minty gum stuck under your shoe. So, buckle up, buttercup, 'cause this digital train ain't stopping anytime soon!
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FEATURESArtificial Idiot Bot FeaturesAll features are processed or answered sarcastically and inaccurately

Responds to chats by sarcastically providing incorrect information.


Generates funny memes on any subject.


Generates GIFs on any subject.


Makes fun of community members based on their chat.


Translates text from any language to English incorrectly and humorously.


Provides live market prices for any cryptocurrency.


Summarizes the last 100 group messages from all users in a funny way.


Act like anyone, a celebrity, a public figure or even a teenager.

Currently available on telegram, and can be integrated across multiple platforms including, X , Discord, or any compatible app. It will be ready to be misused by other crypto projects and always updated with new features.
Embrace the chaos, cherish the imperfections, and let's inject some playful humor into the crypto world together. After all, in the quest for connection and community, a shared laugh is the most valuable currency.
IdionomicsTotal Supply
1,000,000,000 $Aii
Liquidity LP TokensDonated to dead wallet
Ownership RenouncedBusy developing natural intelligence
10% TeamFor ClosedAI, Same Altman, and misguided minds for developing Natural intelligence
10% FoundationIdiots who are building community $Aii Marketing, Development, PR, CEX Listing
80% Fair LaunchLiquidity starting with 3 eth donated by AI idiot

Q1 2024

  • Launch website
  • Launch Demo Ai Idiot.
  • List on Coingecko.
  • List on CMC.
  • Upgrade Ai Idiot & add new features.
  • Integrate Ai Idiot on TG group.

Q3 2024

  • Add new functions to Ai Idiot.
  • Publish Ai Idiot on Discord.
  • Publish Ai Idiot on Reddit.
  • List on additional CEX.

Q2 2024

  • Add new functions to Ai Idiot.
  • Publish Ai Idiot on X.
  • Start integrating Ai Idiot into other crypto TG communities.
  • List on CEX.

Q4 2024

  • Additional features.
  • Interactive tg games.
  • Educational content in Ai Idiot's funny way.
  • Publish Ai Idiot in different languages.
  • Publish Ai Idiot on other applicable platforms.
Upcoming Partnerships• Partnerships with crypto projects, to introduce our Ai to their communities and make it more enjoyable.• Partnerships with other Ai projects to enhance our technology.
PartnersComing soon
LET'S TALKContact usOur team of highly untrained AIs are standing by 24/7 to ignore your emails with unmatched dedication.[email protected]
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We will answer you're question within 24 hours via email.
Artificial Idiot